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Children K-4



Children's Program K-4

Groak is a Colorful Little Dragon That Helps to Teach Children K-4 With Music and Actions

In each of the videos, Groark runs into a situation with his puppet buddies and goes to talk over the situation and the solutions with the real children and his puppeteer. He then takes the solution back to his puppet buddies and works out the situation.

  • In Groark Learns to Control Anger, the students will learn that anger can cause us to loose control of our behavior, how anger can lead to violence even when we don’t intend it, and how we can calm our anger and stay in control.

  • In Groark Learns to Work Out Conflicts, the students will learn that conflicts between people are normal, how to prevent minor disagreements from escalating into serious fights, and steps for working out conflicts fairly and peacefully.

  • In Groark Learns About Bullying, the students will learn to recognize different forms of bullying behavior, why being a bully is wrong, and why they shouldn’t participate in bullying behavior.

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