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Safety Planning for Children


What is Family/Domestic Violence?

  • When grownups in your family hit, push, kick, or throw things at you or someone else in your family.

  • Family violence might make you feel scared, guilty, embarrassed, sad, confused or mad, but you must remember it is NOT your fault!!

What is a Safety Plan?

  • A safety plan is a list of ideas on what to do and what not to do if family violence happens in your home.

  • There are a many of ways you can help yourself stay safe and get help for you and the person being hurt in your family.

When the fight starts… .

  • Stay away from the fight and out of the room where the fight is.

  • Stay out of small rooms (closets & bathrooms) where you might get trapped.

  • Stay out of rooms where it is easier to get hurt because of sharp objects, like in the garage and kitchen.


  • Go to a safe place where someone can help (neighbors or friends house).

  • If you can’t leave home and need help right away, call 911 from a room away from the fighting!

Things to know…

  • Know which windows, stairs and doors are safe to use when you are trying to get out of the house during a fight.

  • Memorize or write down important phone numbers of people who can help (police, neighbors, relatives, and friends). Keep the list of numbers where you can get to them in a hurry.

  • If you can’t remember or find the numbers when you need them OR you need help right away, dial 9-1-1 .

  • Think of people you can talk to about what happens in your home (teachers, church members, doctors, police officers and friends).

Always remember…

  • Family violence is NOT your fault!!

  • It is okay to love both of your parents, even if one parent is hurting the other.

  • It is NOT okay for a parent to hurt you or anyone else.

  • You have the right to feel SAFE and LOVED!

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