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Legal Advocacy Program

    Legal Advocates assist victims/survivors in completing paperwork for Civil Protection Orders (CPO).  They can provide copies of requested laws, information about court procedures, and legal options.  Advocates provide court accompaniment to criminal and civil court.  They also empower the victims/survivors to speak and advocate for themselves in the various court proceedings in which they seek relief.

Someplace Safe's advocates are NOT attorneys.  An advocate can attend a court hearing with you but CANNOT represent you, testify on your behalf, or offer you legal advice.

For more information about your legal options or if you need assistance in completing paperwork for a Civil Protection Order, please call Someplace Safe, Inc. at (330) 393-3003.

Remember if you are in a domestic violence crisis and need emergency shelter or help please call CONTACT 24-hour Hotline at (330) 393-3005.

Someplace Safe, Inc., has advocates in;

  1. Trumbull County Family Court

  2. Niles Municipal Court

  3. Newton Falls Municipal Court

  4. Girard Municipal Court.

General Information about Civil Protection Orders


In a Civil Domestic Violence Case:

* Petition for a Civil Protection Order (“CPO”) is the document a domestic violence victim, the victim’s parent, or an adult household member of the victim must file with the domestic relations court to obtain a civil protection order against an alleged domestic violence offender.

* Ex parte Civil Protection Order (“CPO”) is an emergency order the court issues in response to the Petition for a Civil Protection Order after an ex parte hearing.

* Full Hearing Civil Protection Order (“CPO”) is the final order the court issues after a full hearing. The Full Hearing CPO replaces the ex parte CPO.

* Petitioner is the person asking or “petitioning” the court for protection.  By filing the Petition for a CPO, YOU are the Petitioner.

* Respondent is the alleged domestic violence offender and the Petitioner seeks protection from the Respondent by filing for a CPO.


* There is NO FEE for filing the Petition for a CPO form.

* Under Federal Law the victim cannot be charged any fees in connection with the prosecution of any misdemeanor or felony domestic violence offense. 42 USC § 3796.

* Under Federal Law the victim cannot be charged any fees in connection with filing, issuance, registration, or service of a protection order or a petition for a protection order. 42 USC § 3796.

Under Federal Law the victim cannot be charged any fees in connection with the filing of criminal charges against the abuser, or the costs associated with the filing, issuance, registration, or service of a warrant, protection order, petition for a protection order, or witness subpoena, whether issued inside or outside the state, tribal, or local jurisdiction. 42 USC § 3796.

Contact Information

24-hour Hotline
(330) 393-3005
(330) 393-3003
(330) 393-5288
Postal address
1540 Tod Ave. NW, Warren OH 44485
Electronic mail
General Information: SomeplaceSafe@SomeplaceSafe.org

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