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Children’s Support Group



Children are often the forgotten victims of domestic violence.  Someplace Safe, Inc. offers group and individual support services to all children who are under the age of 18.


Children’s Support Group

  • Support group is a place where children have the chance to share their feelings, meet other children who have been in a home where family violence has occurred and learn new skills.

  • Each time the group meets, children get to have time to visit and meet other children, complete a craft/activity, have snack and a group discussion.

  • Examples of topics that the children may discuss in group are Safety Planning, Anger Management, Feelings, Self-Esteem and Healthy Relationships/Friendships.

  • For a child to participate in group, their mother must attend the women’s support group

  • The children’s support group is offered to youths between the ages of Newborn and 17 years.


Individual Supportive Services

  • If a child needs extra help, cannot come to group, or has special needs and has lived in a home where Family Violence has occurred, they can take part in support services.

  • Support Services are 45 minute – 1 hour individual appointments with the Children’s Program Coordinator.

  • Issues that are worked on in support services vary based on the child’s needs. Anger management, self-control, understanding family violence and lessening the effects of witnessing violence are issues that are often addressed.

  • A mother does not have to utilize any of Someplace Safe, Inc.’s services in order for her child to receive individual support services.

  • **** As with all of Someplace Safe, Inc.’s services, the children’s support group and individual support services are free. Please call Someplace Safe, Inc.  at (330) 393-3003 for more information.***

For additional information and services please call Someplace Safe, Inc. at (330) 393-3003 or

Children Who Witness Violence at 330-393-3151.

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