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Are you being abused?



Are you being abused?

Look at the following questions. Think about how you are being treated and how you treat your partner?

Does your Partner…………………..

  • Embarrass or make fun of you in front of your friends or family?

  • Put down your accomplishments or goals?

  • Make sure you feel like you are unable to make decisions?

  • Use intimidation or threats to gain compliance?

  • Tell you that you are nothing without them?

  • Punch, kick, grab, shove, or hit you?

  • Show up at places unexpectedly to check and see if you are where you

  • Use drugs or alcohol as an excuse for hurting you?

  • Blame you for how they feel or act?

  • Pressure you sexually for things you aren’t ready for?

  • Make you feel like “there is no way out” of the relationship?

  • Isolates you from your friends and family?

  • Leaves you places after a fight to “teach you a lesson”?

Do You…………….

  • Sometimes feel scared of how your partner will react?

  • Constantly make excuses to other people for your partner’s behavior?

  • Believe that you can help your partner change if only you changed

  • Try not to do anything that would cause conflict or make your partner angry?

  • Feel like no matter what you do, your partner is never happy with you?

  • Always do what your partner wants you to do instead of what you want?

  • Stay with your partner because you are afraid of what your partner would do if you broke up?

If any of these are happening in your relationship, call Someplace Safe, Inc. at

(330) 393-3003 or 24-hour Hotline at (330) 393-3005.

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