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Support Group Services

Someplace Safe, Inc., offers support groups for women facing domestic violence . These support groups inform women on ways to recognize and deal with the effects of domestic violence in their lives. Attending a support group may help you to discuss you feelings and receive positive feedback about handling the situation. Women who may or may not be involved with their abusers are welcome to attend. Children’s support services are also available at the same time women’s support groups are in session.

    Confidentiality is very important when attending domestic violence support groups. Someplace Safe, Inc., has a confidentiality agreement that does not allow any information concerning any staff, volunteers, child care workers, or other group members to be disclosed. There may be very personal feelings and issues discussed during group, and this information cannot be shared with anyone outside of the group, including family, friends, and other individuals. Confidentiality allows support group members to feel safe and secure when participating in support group activities. This helps to ensure the productivity of the groups and gives the support group members a safe non-judgmental environment where participants are able to explore their domestic violence issues and verbalize their emotions.

For more information on times and locations, please contact

Someplace Safe, Inc. at (330) 393-3003 8:00am to 4:00pm


24 Hour CONTACT INC at (330) 393-3005

Individual support services for men are available.

Please call Someplace Safe, Inc. to schedule an appointment at (330) 393-3003.

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