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Know the Facts



Know the Facts About Dating Violence

Did you know?

  • 1 in 5 female high school students report having been physically and/or sexually abused by a boyfriend.

  • 40% of the girls ages 14 to 17 report knowing someone their age who has been hit or beaten by a boyfriend.

  • Studies about dating violence show that in severe cases the majority of the abusers are male.

  • Studies of abused wives show that many reported being abused by their abusers before they were married.

“Why Does Dating Violence Happen?”

  • “I didn’t know it was wrong.”

  • “I thought the jealousy meant he really loved me.”

  • “I thought I deserved it.”

  • “I thought this was normal. It happened at my home.”

  • “I thought it was my duty to keep my girlfriend in line. I had to hit her.”

  • “So what’s the big deal? I hit her. Who’s going to stop me?”

“Why Do Teens Stay in Abusive Relationships?

  • “I thought if I showed him how much I loved him, he would change.”

  • “I thought that this was how relationships were.”

  • “He said everything was my fault and I believed him.”

  • “I was embarrassed to tell anyone, especially my parents.”

  • “I thought that he was better than no boyfriend at all.”

  • “I thought that I couldn’t live without him.”

If you are being abused, deal with the problem:

  • Talk to someone you trust.

  • Tell your date how you feel about the abuse.

  • If the abuse doesn’t stop, get out of the relationship.

If your friend is being abused:

  • Listen to your friend and offer your support.

  • Tell your friend that he/she doesn’t deserve this.

  • Be patient, your friend will get out of the relationship when he/she is ready.

  • Offer to go with them for help.

If you are abusing someone:

  • Talk to a counselor or friend.

  • Abuse is a learned behavior and can be unlearned if you are willing.

If your friend is abusing someone:

  • Talk to your friend about it, and let them know that abuse is wrong.

  • Offer to go with them for help and tell your friend you’ll support them.

If you need help:

Talk to your School guidance counselor, A peer support group, Your parents, or a relative you trust.

For more information call:

Someplace Safe, Inc. (330) 393-3003 or 24 hour hotline (330) 393-3005

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