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Volunteering with Someplace Safe, Inc.


Many people want to know how they can help us.  One of the many ways that you help is by volunteering.  We have two kinds of volunteers here at Someplace Safe. 

  • One type of volunteer is being a “Friend of Someplace Safe.”  A “Friend” comes into the office and does jobs around here such as filing, shredding, making copies,  etc. or could work at home depending what you are doing.

  • The other is working directly with the victims of domestic violence.  These volunteers must complete a 15-hour training requirement.  This training is provided over a four-week period.  We hold these trainings 3 – 4 times a year.  All volunteers will receive training in domestic violence as well as call processing.  This training equips volunteers to work anywhere in the agency.  This training equips volunteers to work anywhere in the agency from sorting donations, playing with the kids, talking to the women, or working in our office and more.


If you are interested in volunteering, please print the volunteer application below and return it to the Volunteer Coordinator, once received, an interview will be conducted and you will be notified of the next available training session.

Volunteer Application.pdf 

Complete application and mail to:

ATTN: Volunteer Coordinator
Someplace Safe, Inc.
1540 Tod Ave. NW, Warren OH 44485
or scan
completed application and e-mail to:  SomeplaceSafe@SomeplaceSafe.org


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